inspire, challenge and enable executive and organizations to lead their business into tomorrow’s unknown.

Leaders have become accustomed to the concept of steady change to stay in business. But the sheer scale and pace of change, complexity involved, together with its highly unpredictable direction, has created a entirely new challenge:

That’s leading into tomorrow’s unknown.

The InspiredView Experience

It all starts with understanding your changing environment and learn from others. We create this vibrant flow of ideas, exchange and learning. We will take you with us to embrace how you build on social trends, what technology and business can do for you.


Transformational leaders are challengers. Asking the right questions and fostering creativity to explore new ideas will create the agility and resilience required to succeed in front of tomorrow’s unknown. We are dedicated to install this challenger mindset with you and your team.


We work with your teams to build an agile culture, new skills and digital capabilities. We will break your company boarders and leverage a broad supporting network. We walk with you landing your digital strategy and enable your organization.

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We are working hard to serve you even better:
This summer, we are setting up a brand new executive briefing center in Meilen. This modern facility will allow us to run briefings and workshops in an inspiring environement, surrounded by modern technology showcases. Stay tuned.

InspiredView joint Microsoft GM Switzerland Marianne Janik to keynote at Gennex 2017 business conference – showcasing the drivers of 4th Industrial Revolution with local and international cases. Get the keynote summary.